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Will Your Child Benefit From Early Orthodontics?

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child at dentist early interceptive orthodontics conceptYour child’s smile goes through significant changes over time, something your Frisco, TX pediatric dentist can track. While evaluating their growth from one visit to the next, you can learn of any developmental concerns that might need to be addressed. Poor teeth spacing is a common issue, but it is often an issue treated later in their development. However, in some cases the need for treatment comes sooner. Your child may need what is known as early interceptive orthodontics. This refers to an early treatment to help prevent alignment issues that could lead to troubling bite issues and cosmetic concerns. This can lead to fewer developmental difficulties as well as an easier time with conventional orthodontic work at a later date.

Early Warning Signs Of Poor Smile Alignment Should Be Taken Seriously

There are many reasons why parents should start pediatric dental visits from an early age. These appointments are your opportunity to learn more about protecting your little one’s smile, and they offer regular updates about their growth. Because their dentist charts the changes from one visit to the next, troubling developmental issues can be identified early. While it may be upsetting to hear about an early problem, that warning affords more time to react.

Recommending Early Interceptive Orthodontics

Even before all of their secondary, or permanent, teeth have arrived, alignment issues can be identified. This often leads to a discussion about orthodontics at a more appropriate time, but in some cases, action should be taken sooner. If the latter is the case for your kid, we can talk to you about early interceptive orthodontics. Also known as Phase 1 orthodontic treatment, this sees early corrective actions taken to guide the alignment of your child’s developing smile. Limiting the impact of malocclusion can prevent bite-related difficulties, make subsequent orthodontic work easier, and help them avoid other oral health concerns. To help them, we may recommend that candidates be treated with appliances such as spacers, palate expanders, or limited braces.

Dental Visits At A Young Age Create Opportunities To Learn About Developmental Worries

Parents who bring their kids in for smile care at an early age will have more opportunities to discuss their health and care. They also benefit by gaining more chances to learn about troubling developmental issues. Whether that refers to alignment issues, a child being slow to reach developmental milestones, or early cavity concerns, prompt intervention is helpful. Remember that at the right age, we will start gentle in-office dental cleanings that help kids lower their risk for future troubles.

Talk To Your Frisco, TX Pediatric Dentist About Early Interceptive Orthodontics!

Early interceptive orthodontics can prevent future difficulties and make later orthodontic treatment easier. To find out more about this service and its potential benefits for your child, call our Frisco, TX pediatric dental office at (214) 436-4774.