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★★★★★ | Angie C.
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Dr. Davis has been our dentist for almost 10 years. Each visit is a pleasant one with lots of smiles and friendly faces. Her team is responsive and caring. She responded to an emergency dental situation over the weekend within 30 minutes, called in a prescription, and saw us first things the next business day. We are more than pleased with Dr. Davis and the Healthy Smiles team!
★★★★★ | Antoinette W.
★★★★★ | Antoinette W.
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My kids have been going ro Dr. Davis for 5 or 6 years and we have always had great experiences!
★★★★★ | Jarrod F.
★★★★★ | Jarrod F.
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We have been going to Dr. Davis since my kids were small. I love how friendly she and her staff are, it is truly genuine. They are excellent with kids and answer any questions you have. They are also great at teaching your child how to care for their teeth and explain why. You will not be disappointed by bringing your child here. They are the best at pediatric dentistry!
★★★★★ | Lacrica O.
★★★★★ | Lacrica O.
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Dr. Davis and her staff are wonderful. My child has been seeing Dr. Davis since 2015. She’s very caring, attentive, and ensures all questions are answered when questions arise.
★★★★★ | Danielle M.
★★★★★ | Danielle M.
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Dr. Davis has been an amazing provider for my young children. From timely service to referrals to the best Ortho – her consistency to keep families first goes unmatched. Congratulations on celebrating 15 years of excellence and many more!
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Why a Pediatric Dentist?

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The foundation of a lifetime of good oral health can be fostered in a patient’s relationship with a childhood dentist. Positive early experiences will reinforce a child’s perception of the dentist as an ally rather than an enemy and reduce dental anxiety. Additionally, a child may be more likely to be compliant with a home oral hygiene routine when there is a trusted relationship with dental professionals.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose a team of caring, gentle dental professionals to treat your child. Many parents opt for a pediatric dentist, who has completed a post-graduate residency in this area. That additional education provides the dentist with two or three years of targeted training in the specific oral health needs of children and hands-on experience in the gentle techniques needed to care for these patients.

Pediatric dentists are also well-equipped to monitor children for signs of developmental issues that may negatively affect the smile and to intervene to address those issues.

Choosing a dentist who specializes in a pediatric practice gives parents a head start on keeping a child’s smile healthy. That’s not to say that a general family dentist is incapable of treating children, but a pediatric dentist who treats only this population has a bit of an edge due to the repetition of working with children all the time.

We provide services ranging from routine preventive care, such as cleanings, exams, sealants and fluoride treatments, to more specialized services such as custom-designed mouthguards for athletes or space maintainers in cases of premature primary tooth loss. Additionally, we offer nitrous oxide sedation to particularly fearful patients and have a great deal of experience treating children with special needs, such as patients with autism or ADHD.

Our practice has dedicated itself to creating an environment that is welcoming and reassuring to children. Our team members take time to thoroughly explain every treatment to patients so that they’ll know what to expect. We also make ample use of technology, including digital radiography, for more efficient dental appointments. We even tailor our scheduling to accommodate our patients, saving morning slots for toddlers and preschoolers who are more alert and cooperative earlier in the day. This also allows us to spend more time with them in case additional reassurance is needed.

To learn more about how Dr. Davis and her team customize their approach for pediatric patients, call our office to schedule an initial appointment or ask any additional questions you may have.

Frequently asked Questions

The Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

A pediatric dentist is specifically trained in meeting the dental needs of children from infancy to teenage years. Children can develop unique dental issues, like baby teeth that get jammed and impede the development of adult teeth. At our pediatric dentist office in Frisco, all staff members are trained to work with children, from easing their fears to using dental instruments sized for smaller mouths. The pediatric dentist offers preventive, corrective, cosmetic, and restorative dental services for children and oral hygiene instruction for parents and children.
To avoid scaring children and encouraging them to willingly visit a dentist, children need a dental environment that is welcoming and comfortable. Our pediatric dentist office in Frisco is specifically designed and decorated for children. The waiting room has toys and books; all spaces are painted in bright colors; pictures and graphics are entertaining; and all staff members welcome children with smiles.
A pediatric dentist completes two to three years of additional training on the physical, emotional, and mental development of children. Research has found that children with special needs, like autism or ADHD, are more likely to develop dental problems. They may take medications, are more prone to teeth grinding and food pouching, and are more likely to experience soft-tissue trauma. Special needs children may have difficulties, such as an aversion to the sensation of brushing or toothpaste or a difficult time keeping the mouth open long enough to perform a dental exam. Understanding how to successfully work with special needs children is key to protecting their oral health. Our pediatric dentist office in Frisco offers sedation dentistry for children with high anxiety or sensory issues.