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Full Sedation Pediatric Dentistry at Healthy Smiles

At Healthy Smiles, we're committed to delivering you the safest, most worry-free dental experience possible, especially with full sedation pediatric dentistry. That's why we've partnered with the Children's Medical Center in nearby Plano for any procedures that require advanced sedation.

Why have we done this? For the overall patient’s health. Through our partnership with the Children’s Medical Center, advanced sedation for Healthy Smiles patients comes from a trained, experienced anesthesiologist dedicated to the practice of sedation. While the average dentist’s sedation training will certainly suffice for many standard procedures, it becomes a problem with advanced procedures like full sedation pediatric dentistry.  

Sedation Dentistry

Oftentimes, a dentist is forced to perform the complex tasks of anesthesia and the procedure simultaneously. That divided attention can bring unwanted complications to the patient in the worst-case scenario.  

That’s not the case with Healthy Smiles. Our partnership with the Children’s Medical Center in Plano ensures that both sedation and the procedure are done with the utmost care and attention to the patient. As another testament to your overall safety, having the procedure done in a hospital ensures that there is a fully-trained emergency team there at the ready. 

Get the peace of mind your child’s dental experience deserves with our patient-focused advanced sedation options.