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For more information on sedation services for children with dental anxiety, call Healthy Smiles Children's Dentistry at (214) 436-4774.

Happy Smiling ChildWhen your child has serious anxiety about an upcoming dental procedure, sedation techniques can help ensure a safe, worry-free experience. To offer your son or daughter the best service possible, we partner with the Children’s Medical Center in nearby Plano for procedures that require advanced sedation. This is to guarantee that a trained, experienced anesthesiologist oversees your child’s sedation while we are free to focus on completing the needed dental procedure. When a dentist must concentrate on performing both sedation and the treatment at the same time, the quality of both can suffer.

At your Frisco, TX, children’s dental practice, we know how difficult advanced treatment can be for kids who develop anxious feelings around their care. By providing dental sedation, we can relieve you and your child’s stress as you plan for their upcoming appointment. This allows them to receive the care they need without fear.

When You Should Consider Dental Sedation

Visiting the dentist on a semiannual basis is vital for giving kids the smile care they need. These routine appointments help remove plaque and tartar that contribute to decay and infection by forming on the surface of their teeth. Regular cleanings lead to healthier gums and teeth as kids continue to grow and master their oral hygiene techniques.

If your son or daughter is anxious about their exam to the point of developing a phobia, dental sedation allows them to receive our services without aggravation. This means easier trips to the dentist for parents, children, and providers all around.

Scheduling Sedation At Children’s Medical Center

When you elect to receive dental sedation during your child’s dental appointment, we will work with the Children’s Medical Center in Plano to reserve a dedicated anesthesiologist. This trained professional will bring their years of experience to help reduce your child’s heightened stress level and allow them to relax. By securing sedation services, we can help prevent treatment delays that occur when stressful situations disrupt the performance of a procedure.

When performing full sedation at Children’s Medical Center, your child will be fully unconscious during treatment. The hospital setting provides the highest level of safety available by ensuring that a fully-trained emergency team is on the premises. This means gaining peace of mind when you entrust your child’s care with our team

Speak With Your Frisco, TX, Dentist About How Hospital Sedation Can Help Treat Your Child’s Anxiety

When your child develops fears about attending their dental treatments, we offer a suite of sedation services to help them feel at ease. For full sedation, we partner with Children’s Medical Center to provide the highest quality of care. To learn more about these services or any other that we offer, call Healthy Smiles Children’s Dentistry at (214) 436-4774.