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When Would a Child Need Sealants, Bonding, or Composite Fillings?

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A child’s primary teeth need different care than the permanent teeth they will grow later in life. Primary teeth, sometimes called baby teeth or milk teeth, are temporary but play an important role in your child’s oral hygiene and overall health. And this is where child sealants, bonding, and composite fillings come into play.

Your child’s pediatric dentist may recommend treatments and procedures to prevent cavities, repair teeth, or treat decay. These restorative services include sealants, bonding, and composite fillings. Here is our guide to these services so you can better understand how they help your child’s smile.

Are Sealants Right for My Child?Photo by RODNAE Productions:

A child with molars is a good candidate for sealants. Sealants are thin coatings of resin liquid that can be applied to a child’s molars. It fills in natural grooves in the molars that are often hard to keep clean. After the liquid sealant is bonded and dries, it forms a strong barrier against decay.

Food particles and bacteria will easily become trapped in the natural depressions of molars. Brushing and flossing can help, but sealants provide an added layer and protective shield. The treatment is simple and non-invasive and will improve your child’s oral health.

When Is Bonding Appropriate for My Child?

Childhood comes with its fair share of bumps, bruises, and chipped teeth. If your child has tooth damage, such as a chip or crack, bonding is an appropriate treatment. It can help your child’s tooth regain a more natural appearance and prevent further damage. 

Bonding is also appropriate if you want to fix a cosmetic issue with your child’s teeth, such as a gap. The procedure can help build the tooth to look more aesthetically pleasing.

What Are Composite Fillings, and When Does My Child Need Them?

Composite fillings are white fillings made of composite resin, which is a blend of glass and plastic. These fillings look more natural than the dark metals used in the past for treating tooth decay and filling cavities.

Your child needs composite fillings if they have a cavity or area of decay on their teeth. Even though primary teeth are not permanent, your child still needs treatment for a cavity. Untreated decay can lead to further complications such as pain or an infection. 

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