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The Right and Wrong Way to Help a Loose Tooth

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As your children reach the age of six, they will encounter one of childhood’s many milestones: losing their first tooth. They may be curious, scared, or brave when they discover their first loose tooth. 

No matter their reaction, you might be tempted to help them with the wiggling and the eventual tooth removal. However, there are right and wrong ways to help a child with a loose tooth. Keep reading to learn the best strategies. 

The Right Ways to Help a Loose Tooth

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the best way to help a child with a loose tooth is to let it fall out on its own. However, if the child wants help removing the tooth, there is a safe and gentle way to assist. Here are some tips for helping a child as nature takes its course. 

Safely Help Remove a Tooth

If your child asks for help removing a tooth, you can safely and gently protect the tooth with a tissue and squeeze. If the tooth is ready, it should easily come out. However, it may not be loose enough, in which case you can encourage your child to wait a little longer. 

Let Your Child Wiggle the Tooth

There is nothing wrong with allowing your child to gently play with a loose tooth on their own. They can use their tongue to wiggle it back and forth or touch it lightly with clean fingers. In time, the tooth will fall out with minimal, if any, pain or blood. 

Contact Your Child’s Dentist

Sometimes, your best course of action for a loose tooth is to call the dentist. This is particularly true if your child’s tooth is loose due to trauma to the mouth or if you notice the permanent tooth coming in while the baby tooth is still present. 

The Wrong Way to Help a Loose Tooth

If your child’s tooth is loose, you should never forcefully remove it or encourage your child to pull it out before it’s ready. Loose teeth will almost always fall out easily on their own. Forcefully removing a tooth, though, could cause pain, bleeding, or damage to the mouth. 

In Conclusion 

Follow your child’s lead when it comes to loose teeth. If you have a concern, always contact us at Healthy Smiles Children’s Dentistry. We look forward to helping you and your child through this fun milestone.