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happy child at dentist's officeThe arrival of your child’s first teeth serves as an important early marker for their development. In addition to marking the progress of their growth, this will also mark the time when they become vulnerable to dental decay. Fortunately, the right support from an early age can keep their risk of threats to their teeth and gums low as they continue to grow. Our Frisco, TX pediatric dental office is proud to help kids with their hygiene and oral health needs. From the time when they need their teeth cleaned through the years as they take on their own smile care, we can give guidance and supportive in-office services.

Oral Health Issues Can Form Even At A Young Age

Your child is at risk for cavities before their complete smile has arrived. You should prioritize smile care by booking their first dental visit after their first tooth arrives, or by their first birthday if this has yet to happen. An initial visit is an opportunity to introduce your little one to the dentist and dentist’s office. By giving them a positive experience at their first visit, we can make future appointments more comfortable. that initial appointment is also a chance for parents to ask questions about hygiene and daily care.

How We Approach Providing Preventive Care For Children

The first dental visits that children attend focus on their comfort and their development. However, once they are old enough, we can start more conventional support. That means they undergo thorough reviews and also receive careful cleanings to fight plaque and tartar. Throughout their visits, we pay close attention to their development; in the event that something troubling is found, we can point it out and arrange early intervention.

Supporting Kids Who Have Different Needs From Dental Care

Not all children have an easy time adjusting to dental care. If your child had a negative experience with a previous dentist, a new practice can be intimidating. It can also be difficult for parents of special needs children to find support from an office that truly knows how to provide the right care. We take pride in making accommodations for our patients who require different kinds of support. We can talk with you about making visits easier if your child suffers from a dental phobia or anxiety. Our practice is also ready to help ensure that your special needs child has the right kind of experience in the dentist’s chair.

Talk To Your Frisco, TX Pediatric Dentist About Preventive Smile Care For Your Kids!

Preventive dental care matters from an early age, and it continues to be important through adulthood. Our practice knows that the right experiences with preventive care at an early age can benefits kids long after they leave the pediatric office! For more information on what we can do for your family, contact Healthy Smiles Children’s Dentistry in Frisco, TX today at (214) 436-4774.